Iron Man 3

Game to role-play as Iron Man from the third movie


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  • Category Action/Adventure
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.6.9g
  • Size 25 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Package name
  • Program by Gameloft

Iron Man 3 is video game based on the final installment of the wildly popular cinematic trilogy. In this action-packed game, the user becomes eccentric billionaire turned high-tech superhero Tony Start in order to battle some of the most treacherous bad guys ever created by the comic masterminds at Marvel Comics.

Players of Iron Man 3 are randomly placed in one of three locations wherein they must fight their way from one level to the next. Depending on which places - Malibu, New York City, or China - players must defeat the enemy they are faced with and accomplish the goals on each level before moving on. It should be noted that the locations and scenarios are randomly selected each time a user starts a new game.

The arch villains who make their way into the game to fight Tony Stark are some of the biggest names in comics, including Ezekiel Stane, Crimson Dynamo, M.O.D.O.K., and Living Laser. One noticeably absent villain is The Mandarin, who Stark successfully defeated in the Iron Man 3 movie. As players win their battles against these near-do-wells, they are rewarded with money and new armor options for Tony to use as he moves to the next level. Among the armor options that may be won are the popular Mark II, 42, and the beloved Iron Patriot.

The visual effects in Iron Man 3 are beautiful and continue the long tradition of the outstanding work created by GameLoft Productions. This game is very addicting and is a fun way to kill some time.


  • Lots of action
  • Visually stunning graphics
  • Seemingly endless number of levels


  • Players may find the numerous in-app purchases to be annoying